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Gel Treatment is based on the new generation chemical which is highly effective & Eco-friendly and used for different types of roaches control with single feeding effect.

Gel has an edible product especially attractive to Cockroaches. The Gel has no smell. It can be safely applied to sensitive areas such as electrical boards, kitchen appliances, computers on which appliance we cannot be spray. About 80% of Cockroaches die in about one week. The
remaining Cockroaches are effectively control by three weeks. It takes
about 1/2 hour to treat a flat area.

Cockroaches contaminate your food and transmit diseases like
gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, food poisoning & cause allergies.
The Cockroaches are now control by using a gel. Unlike in the past. It is
not necessary to spray foul smelling insecticides which used to cause a
mess in the house. There is no need to empty the drawers and cover-up
the food. It is also not necessary to close the house and go away.


Brand: Army pest Control

  • Once the treatment is applied, its effect will last up to 2 months or until the bait is consumed or destroyed.
  • The application will be directed to the harborages and in the area where water is not used on regular basis.
  • It is not volatile, therefore there are not airborne active ingredients (a.i.) released.
  • Army Pest Control is special Gel Treatment to control those small cockroaches (oriental cockroach) which have become a common sight in Indian kitchens. Small cockroaches easily hide themselves in wardrobes, dining table, drawers and bathroom etc