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The life cycle of the mosquito is completed in the four stage :

  • Egg : A female mosquito lays eggs in the stagnant water. These eggs float on the surface of water.
  • Larva : After two or three days, the egg hatches out into a larva.The larva looks like a warm. It either moves about in the watere with jerky movements or hanges in the watrer with its head bent at an angle to its
  • Pupa : The larva after eight to ten days changes into a pupa. The Pupa is somewhat comma shaped.
  • Adult: The pupa after two or three days develops into an adult mosquito with wings.

Maleria spreads through female anopheles mosquitoes. When this mosquito bites a person suffering from malaria the germs of the disease enter the mosquito’s body. If the same mosquito bites a healthy person he may contract the disease. Fatal diseases like Maleria, Dengue & Brain fever get transmitted by these tiny creatures.

To prevent these you need effective mosquitos management. Fogging is considered as an important tool to manage the adult. Mosquitos which has the capability of spreading these diseases.

We are one of the noted organizations engaged in delivering Fogging Treatment services for mosquitoes that are time bound.